R Studio Update!

January 2017

The current R Studio version is 1.0.136. As always, upgrade to the latest version to access the newest features. You can download here: R Studio

One of the cool newer features is the ability to create R Notebooks. If you have used Python before, these are similar to iPython Notebooks. Just click the “add new” and select R Notebook.


June 2015

R Studio currently has version 0.99.442 out for download. I highly recommend upgrading to the latest version since there has been a lot of new functionality added. Here’s a few snapshots of some of the new features:

There’s built-in debugging icons within R scripts to the left of the line number. For this feature to work properly your script has to be saved (e.g., test.R).


When I hover my mouse over the error I see the message “unexpected token ‘)’ “, which is letting me know I have an extra closed parenthesis. Sweet!


There’s built-in auto-fill for some of the parameters you may be adding to a function. In the image below I’m starting to add ‘xlim’ to specify the x-axis limits of my plot. My full coding might be something like “xlim = c(0, 6)”. Click the image below for a bigger picture so you can read the dialog box.


In the image below, I’m calling the function lm (for linear regression), but I have a comma without another argument. When I hover the mouse over the yellow triangle exclamation point the built-in debugging says there’s a “missing argument to function call”. This Is AWESOME!!!


These are just a few of the new features in R Studio. Get out there and check it out!!!

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